BE OUR GUEST Disney theme park employees can hand out FREE hotel upgrades to guests they like

DISNEY theme parks are already a magical day out for guests – but it turns out staff have the power to make thigs even better.

Employees, known as cast members, are encouraged to surprise visitors with random acts of kindness.

These could be small gestures like a free ice cream designed to make a child’s day.
But it can also turn into a winner for adults – with staff even giving out free hotel upgrades.
Micaela Garber used to work at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and she said these surprise gifts were often the highlight of the working day.

She told the Insider website: “Cast members are encouraged to create spur of the moment acts of kindness - this could be anything from surprising a child with free ice cream to upgrading a family's hotel reservation."

She continued: “Magical moments shouldn't be planned or demanded, they just happen.
“They also shouldn't be given out all of the time, but on a good day of work it's hard to stop yourself from making others feel special.”

Staff aren’t the only ones bitten by the Disney kindness bug though – even visitors often act unnaturally nice to each other compared to in the outside world.
The Disney World forums are full of reports of random acts of kindness from other guests.

One fan who calls themselves Maelstrom said: “We were waiting in line for E.T. when an lady who had won a little stuffed dog somewhere asked me if I would like it.”

Another called Mommy to MJM said: “A little girl stopped MJ to give her a mini-bouquet, said she was giving them to all her favorite people.

“We gave her a sheet of Princess stickers...”

Of course, not every Disney guest is a dream come true - some can be a total pain for employees.

The behavior of some visitors high-maintenance staff is so bad that that employees have a special name for them - “treasured guests.”

Disney has rules against employees using negative or insulting language in front of customers.

So the staff came up with a more diplomatic name for the worst visitors.

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